The Learning Page

The Co-Op at 1st offers a wide range of online learning content, from cooking lessons to stories and initiatives from our community members, as well as in-person workshops and events:

Cooking Classes: Techniques You Can Use in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Techniques: Dicing Carrots

In this class Chef Lilly explains how to dice up carrots for soup recipes.

Kitchen Techniques: Dicing Butternut Squash

Watch here as Chef Lilly explains a great way to prepare butternut squash for soups and stews!

Kitchen Techniques: Dicing Onions

In this great episode, Chef Lilly explains a great way to dice onions in the kitchen for recipes!      

Share Station: A Space to Invite, Relate, and Share!

Share Station: Storytelling

Curious about sharing your story? With this unique system, you can quickly learn to promote your business, create energy for your cause, or share about a meaningful experience. All this in a way that builds social capital for your community. Check it out online here.  

Upcoming Workshop Events: