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The Co-Op at 1st offers a wide range of online learning content, from cooking lessons to stories and initiatives from our community members, as well as in-person workshops and events:

Cooking Classes: Techniques You Can Use in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Techniques: Mincing Garlic

In this short video, Chef Lilly demonstrates a great way to mince garlic with salt! [course_content course_id=”8383″]

Kitchen Techniques: Dicing Tomatoes

Check it out here! Chef Lilly explains a great way to dice up tomatoes for soup and stew recipes. [course_content course_id=”8114″]

Kitchen Techniques: Dicing Celery

During this video, Chef Lilly explains the best way to dice up celery for soups and stews. [course_content course_id=”8107″]

Share Station: A Space to Invite, Relate, and Share!

Share Station: Share your Story!

Would you like to create a vision to make the world a better place? Do you have a story to share? We can help! Contact Us and ask about creating a story to get started. We can help turn your story into a vision for a better future. See the Share Station: Storytelling page to […]

Share Station: Introduction Story

It only takes a few minutes to start on a dream. Through Storytelling with the Share Station, you can share your talents and build energy for your cause. Even market your business! Check out this introduction. Want to learn more? Check out the Share Station: Storytelling page.  

Share Station: Climate Action Challenge 2021

Check out this great story from Jovial Concepts that was authored as a part of the 2021 Climate Action Challenge!

Upcoming Workshop Events: