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Jovial Concepts

Jovial Concepts was founded in 2008 to empower under-served communities to thrive. Our focus is food security and access to healthy food. We have transformed over 75 lawns to gardens in Denver and the metro area and donate over 10,000 lbs of produce to food banks annually. Our location at The Co-op at 1st houses 15 large garden beds and serves as teaching garden for anyone interested.

Orenda and Sage

Orenda & Sage’s mission is to empower people with tools and knowledge to make positive and educated changes in their wellness practices. The company focuses on encouraging people to take control of their health and wellness and demonstrating that making medicine is fun and taking medicine doesn’t have to be a chore. Orenda & Sage currently specializes in offering hand-crafted organic tea blends and small-batch organic herbal powders, seeking to create a fun and engaging community space for any and everyone interested in healthy living and wellness.

Co-Op Media Center

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Happy Lil’ Clouds Art

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Improve Contact

Improve Contact is a multifunctional model that aims to provide outlets for increasing various forms of contact.

  • Physical Contact: massage/bodywork, martial arts and dance movement therapy.
  • Contact within: embodied holistic wisdom, meditation and spiritual avenues.
  • Networking Contact: Co-Op models, open-source sharing and community outreach.
  • Contact with nature: retreats in remote natural areas.

My journey has led me within the body to realize the greater wisdom it holds. The body has the capacity to direct our wellness and act as a conduit for consciousness to experience life.  The body is very grateful to receive attention, wellness, prevention, conditioning and most importantly Love.


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Co-op Social Services

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Co-op Family Market

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