Grocery Store featuring produce from local farms and handmade goods from Colorado based vendors


Check out our list of Vendors and Products to learn a little more about what to expect at our grocery store.

92 Minerals created seaweed-based skincare products. Seaweed contains 92 essential minerals making it the perfect ingredient for topical products. Their gels only have two ingredients which creates ultimate transparency with what you put on your skin. 

Amend All creates incredible products for specific diets like Vegan or gluten-free. Their baked goods ooze flavor and are naturally Vegan and gluten-free, making them an excellent option for almost anyone!

Art of The Animal is one of our handmade goods vendors.

Bibamba Chocolates is a sustainable, family-owned cacao farm and chocolate producer and we carry their delicious dark chocolate bark. Not only is their chocolate a healthier alternative to classic milk chocolate, their company focuses on creating change within their industry by promising no child labor and also fair wages for their farm in Cameroon.

Bjorn’s Colorado Honey is a Boulder-based honey producer. They use traditional beekeeping techniques to produce high-quality honey and happy hives. They also create CBD-infused wax and other self-care products, giving our shoppers access to natural-high-quality bee products.

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Clay Love is one of our self-care and hygiene product vendors. They create scrubs, body washes and soaps to help your skin thrive and glow. Clay is a naturally-occurring product with countless benefits, especially for skincare which makes their products unique and popular!

Colorado Medicine Woman helps us keep our market stocked with various CBD products ranging from bath bombs to tinctures. The founder is trained in Reiki and infuses their products with energy for ultimate health and happiness. 

Curioser Kitchen provides our customers with delicious and nutritious Vegan meals. They understand the importance of infusing flavor into every dish they create, and they also place a heavy emphasis on food justice and accessibility in their local communities. 

Denver Bee Keep focuses on creating more sustainable household and kitchen staples, so they came up with reusable wax food strips.

Ditty Pop offers healthy and tasty smoothies in various flavors – often seasonal! Chef Panya Heard founded Ditty Pop because she wanted to put love into food and spread that love to as many people as possible. Her smoothies are a hit at our market and local farmer’s markets.

Earthlinks is a multi-faceted organization built around helping people afflicted with homelessness or poverty. We proudly carry their retail products like honey and lip balm, just a tiny snapshot of their offerings. 

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Fresh From The Farm Fungi is our leading local mushroom grower and provider. Their mushroom selection ranges from Enoki to classic Oyster varieties, and they even partner with West Coast foragers for seasonal offerings when available. 

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Healthy by Design is our current pickle purveyor. Their pickled offerings include classic pickles and unique items like beets, rosemary pickled onions and more. So, if you’re looking for a tangy bite, pick up a jar next time you’re in the market!

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KREAM Kimchi offers top-of-the-line Kimchi and Krauts. Kimchi has been a staple in Korean culture for a long time and its popularity in the states has increased massively over the last few years. You’ll want to grab some of this!

Laz Ete 2Bar Goat Dairy keeps our market stocked with goat and cow cheeses from their farm in the San Luis Valley. These cheeses come from happy animals and you can taste the difference in quality!

Any good chef knows that what you cook with is just as important as what you are cooking. So, we carry locally made Ghee from Maia Foods which started as a hobby and turned into a market of demand. Ghee is an excellent alternative to cooking with regular butter. 

Marion’s Ranch allows us to offer sustainably and humanely raised chicken and chicken products to our customers. All their animals are treated with respect which makes for a better result and taste. 

May Contain Nuts has become a household name in Denver because of their notoriously delicious peanut brittle. They consider themselves an “old-fashioned candy company” but we consider them just plain delicious.  

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Orenda and Sage offer unique and organic loose-leaf herbal tea blends. One sip of their tea will bring you back to center and introduce a new sense of calm. They focus on flavor and function, making their teas an excellent option for your next pick-me-up. 

Pastamore brings authentic Italian flavors to you! They have handmade pasta, sauces and vinegar that can elevate your next spaghetti night. Plus, all of their pasta is Vegan, which means almost anyone can try their delicious flavored pasta. 

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We know how important your animal friends are, so we are happy to carry dog treats and food from Smart Cookie Barkery. They care about your dog’s health just as much as you do, which is why they put so much thought into all of their products. 

Having high-quality ingredients is instrumental in making a nutritious meal and you’ll want to add some flavors and spices to bring any dish up a level. Spoonful of Spice keeps our market stocked with the cooking spices and herbs you need to make your next delicious meal!

Spread the Light Candles uses recycled candle wax to create their handmade candles. They offer a wax recycling program to create sustainable candles and community workshops to educate and connect, all while producing high-quality candles. 

The bulk of our proteins come from SummerField Farms, including our beef, lamb, pork and eggs. Their farm focuses on creating high-quality products through humane agriculture practices and their meat is top-notch. 

Nothing compares to fresh-from-the-source Maple Syrup, which is why we are so happy to carry Syrupology products. Their maple syrup is handcrafted in Vermont and comes in different flavors so you can keep your breakfast exciting!

The Oil Barn provides our market with Safflower Oil, a great alternative to classic cooking oils like vegetable or olive oil. Safflower Oil has a high smoke point and health benefits like maintaining good cholesterol. 

TigerPaw Handmade is a local artisan and producer who makes various products, including soaps, earrings and crochet items. Their soaps are wonderfully fragrant and are fantastic for your skin. Grab some when you stop in next. 

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Green Tahini brings tahini with a twist to our market shelves. They have classic green tahini as well as parsley, garlic, spicy green and beet tahini. Their plant-based ingredients make this an excellent option for your next salad dressing or dipping sauce!

Sherpa Chai offers chai-tea and their recipe has been passed down through generations of Sherpas. Their chai concentrate mixes great with a splash of milk – it’s equally refreshing and energizing!

Illegal Oats uses a non-traditional ingredient to create their oats instead of granola. It’s intended to be the “all-natural granola of the future.” Their ento-granola is a sustainable and healthy source of protein – we highly recommend you give them a try!

If you live in Denver, then there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Little Man Ice Cream. They have a landmark location in LoHi and have been slinging delicious ice cream all over the city. You can find a some of their most popular flavors on our shelves! 

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Tempeh has been a staple in Indonesia for hundreds of years because of its health benefits. Project Umami sells their Tempeh in our market as a popular meat alternative for vegetarians, Vegans and those “Meat-Free Monday” peeps.

CBD has become an increasingly popular product for humans and animals alike. Phineas CBD offers gummies, tinctures and pet products to help with whatever might ail you or your furry friends.

We partner with LoCo foods to source the best local products from growers, ranchers and manufacturers.

Solar Roast Coffee is leading its industry by offering the only solar-powered coffee roaster globally. We sell their locally roasted beans in the market including various roasts. 

Intelligent Elixirs offers clean, cruelty-free skincare products derived from extensive clinical research. They focus on replenishing the skin with missing nutrients to encourage long-term skin health.