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Share Station: Share your Story!

Would you like to create a vision to make the world a better place? Do you have a story to share? We can help! Contact Us and ask about creating a story to get started. We can help turn your story into a vision for a better future. See the Share Station: Storytelling page to learn more!

Course Content

Share Station: Introduction Story

It only takes a few minutes to start on a dream. Through Storytelling with the Share Station, you can share your talents and build energy for your cause. Even market your business! Check out this introduction. Want to learn more? Check out the Share Station: Storytelling page.


Course Content

Share Station: Climate Action Challenge 2021

Check out this great story from Jovial Concepts that was authored as a part of the 2021 Climate Action Challenge!

Course Content

The Co-Op at 1st Climate Action Challenge Story: 2021

Check out a story from The Co-Op at 1st from the Jovial Concepts Gardens Program!

Share Station: Introduction

This video introduces the Invite, Relate, Share system at The Co-Op at 1st. To learn more please see Share Station: Storytelling

Share Station: Storytelling

Curious about sharing your story? With this unique system, you can quickly learn to promote your business, create energy for your cause, or share about a meaningful experience. All this in a way that builds social capital for your community. Check it out online here.


Share Station: Learn to Invite, Relate, and Share!

This course teaches a rapid start approach to creating inspired media through storytelling.

You’ll be shown an effective way to create an authentic digital presence.

Through a few guided steps, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a vision for your marketing goals.
  • Easily create a cutting edge media plan.
  • Understand media production through storytelling.
  • Begin sharing your new change inspiring digital messages and media online.
  • Encourage others to Invite, Relate, and Share with you to create positive social change.

If you’re not signed in to the site, Please Sign In and then click the Take This Course button on this page to get started.

Make Meaning Happen

Now that you have learned a system for rapidly planning and creating highly effective media texts, this next lesson will create steps to resolve what you’ve learned and incorporate the Invite, Relate, Share system to help build social capital to empower the vision that you have created for a better future.

Social Capital is best described as the energy that builds around a message or a cause, as people begin to invest in the meaning of the messages that you share, and then continue developing awareness of the need for change. When the awareness of this need for change is motivated through sharing a message and vision, there becomes a point of contact between the willingness to facilitate change, and the outcomes related to your goals and vision. Like voltage on a circuit, Social Capital is the building wave of dynamic pressure, the energy to do social change work, that you can create by inspiring others to share your vision through Invite, Relate, Share.

The modules in this section will help you to to develop Social Capital for the vision that you have created through these steps:

  1. Turn your completed Invite, Relate, Share template into a new media text or message that you can share on your favorite platforms. We can help! The Co-Op at 1st has many resources for generating media texts. (You can repeat step 1 to create as many media texts that may be needed to share your vision.)
  2. Share your message, and invite others to relate with and share your vision.
  3. Create a space for reflection and resolution from the community, in this step, you will be open to receiving and establishing meaning which comes from the community reflecting on your new vision.
  4. Encourage others to share stories and create a vision for a better future.

As you complete these steps, you are facilitating and manifesting the energy needed to transition your new vision into tangible social change. Congratulations! You’ve taken steps to change the world.


Invite, Relate, Share!

The goal of this unit is to create a plan for generating media based on the Invite, Relate, Share system for planning storytelling content.


  • Download the example template and blank template from the Materials tab.
  • Compare the example template with this example video (shown below), the media that was created using the completed example template.
  • Complete lessons 1-5 in this unit to understand how to use these templates.
  • Complete and share your first Invite, Relate, Share template.

The example video shown here was generated using the completed example Invite, Relate, Share template that you can download from the Materials tab:

YouTube video

Create a Media Vision

Hello and welcome to the course.

In these next easy steps, you’ll be guided to create a Vision Statement that will help you to envision a brighter future, and create the media you’ll need to share your story. This is your opportunity to help and create the world that ought to be!

To begin please follow these steps:

  • Think of your goals and ideas in the context of the larger world, what dreams would you like to realize and share through storytelling?
  • Download a blank SMARTE Goals worksheet. Give it a glance, you’ll need this to create the building blocks for your vision.
  • Click on the blank Vision Statement worksheet and download a copy. You can use this to create your new Vision Statement.
  • You’ll need to complete Three (3) SMARTE Goals to fill in your Vision Statement
  • Once you have a complete vision for your project, you’re ready to begin with Invite, Relate, Share.

See you in the next lesson: Invite, Relate, Share.