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Why You Should Become a Co-Op Member

We might be biased, but we think that shopping at local businesses is more fulfilling than shopping at big box stores. You get to interact with local employees who are knowledgeable and passionate about what they sell and do and you get to support your local economy!  Our Denver Co-Op offers a lot — a […]

Why Shopping Local Matters

Shopping local can help you and your community more than you might think! Read this list of seven reasons why shopping local matters to learn more.

How The Co-Op at 1st Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

You’ve probably heard that if you keep a routine for three weeks, it becomes a habit. Every year, millions of people make “resolutions” to do or accomplish in the new year, so in the first three weeks of January, it’s not uncommon to see fresh produce flying off shelves, gyms packed with newcomers, and donations […]

Unique Ways to Minimize Your Food Waste

When we think about food accessibility, we also think about sustainability. Given that we are a market and food subscription service, we believe it’s crucial to focus on eliminating food waste – one of the best ways is to repurpose food scraps!    Did you know that across the globe, there are about 2.8 trillion […]

Budget Friendly Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

The holidays can be a wonderful time but they can also be stressful. Trying to create that holiday magic on a budget can be more complicated than you think, mainly because our instinct is to go all-out for the holidays. We think it’s important to remember that the holiday season is not just about gifts […]

Where You Can Find a Community Fridge in Denver

A pivotal part of our mission as a Co-Op is to help our community address food insecurity and accessibility. We fundamentally believe that everyone should have access to nutritious food without worrying about how to afford it.   That’s why we love the Denver Community Fridge Project. We are aligned with their goals and are […]

How To Make Vegetable Stock From Scraps

If you’re like us, you have difficulty throwing away “scraps” just because they don’t fit into your current recipe. However, we think that if it’s edible, it should be eaten! That’s why we wanted to review some of the best ways to make sure you are getting the most out of your My Food Box […]

How To Grow Vegetables From Scraps

One of the easiest and best ways to make the most out of your vegetables is to re-grow them. It’s one of the best ways to make your dollar go further while minimizing food waste. Of course, we always try to get the most out of all of our groceries and vegetables and fruits make […]

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Food Subscription Box

Have you noticed recently how businesses are evolving to get their customers everything they need in the most efficient, effective and convenient way possible? Well, The Co-Op at 1st is no exception to that trend. We have recently introduced our new My Food Box subscription, which is a hybrid subscription box containing pre-made meals, fresh […]

Grandma’s Buttery Smashed Potatoes Recipe

Recipe By: Chef Elly Vos Ready in 40 minutes, Serves 6-8 Ah, the potato! The amazing, delicious, hearty, versatile, affordable…   Okay, we’ll stop, we just really like potatoes! There’s the russet potato, Yukon gold potato, sweet potato, red potato – you get it. The variety of potatoes is what makes them such a consistent […]